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K & M Roses is located in Buckatunna, Mississippi, which is in the southeastern part of the state, approximately 65 miles north of Mobile, Alabama.  Nestled among the pine trees near the Chicasawhay River, which flows along the property line, the nursery is on property that has been in the Mills family for well over 100 years. The K & M Blueberry farm, one of the area's largest producers of fresh and frozen blueberries, is also located on the Mills property.

Owned and operated by James and Daisy Mills, K & M Nursery has been growing and selling high quality Fortuniana-grafted roses for about 20 years.  James and Daisy have received many awards over the past 20 years for their dedication to the promotion of Fortuniana-grafted roses.  James and Daisy were awarded the Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service by the Mobile Rose Society and the Silver Medal of Honor from the Gulf District of the American Rose Society.  James is a Consulting Rosarian, a Master Rosarian, and a Master Gardener.  James spends much of his time promoting Fortuniana-grafted roses at seminars and lawn & garden shows across the South.  With the help of the Mississippi State extension service, James and Daisy developed a technique for grafting roses that has made their roses the standard for grafted roses.

The Mills have approximately 1,000 bushes in their rose garden where they grow and evaluate different varieties of Fortuniana-grafted roses.  Their rose garden also contains several huge Fortuniana bushes which supply graftwood for their grafting operation.



Daisy and James at the recent
Deep South District Mid-Winter Meeting



                                                      photo by Ryan Regehr
Some of the over 1000 bushes used
to source grafting scions


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