We are proud to be the first to offer Fortuniana grafted bushes of the exciting disease resistant introductions from Kordes Roses


Beverly™ HT

Pink hybrid tea rose with strong fragrance and large blooms with a high centered bud form. Winner of the “Best Hybrid Tea” and “Most Fragrant Rose” awards at the 2013 Biltmore International Rose Trials.


Dark Desire HT

Mauve, buds violet ; flowers purple-red, full, high-centered to cupped, mostly singly , intense, fruity, floral, honey fragrance; recurrent; foliage dense, medium, dark green, slightly glossy ; growth upright, bushy, vigorous, medium height 



Grand Amore™ HT

Red hybrid tea rose named “Best Hybrid Tea” by Portland's Best Rose 2013.


Madame Anisette Gr

Apricot blend; flowers cream-apricot, very full, cupped, borne in clusters , very fragrant; recurrent; foliage dark green, dense, slightly glossy; growth vigorous, bushy, upright


Pink Enchantment™
(Souv. de Baden Baden)

mp, flowers creamy pink, outer petals fade quickly as they open , double, cupped, borne mostly singly, moderate fragrance; recurrent; growth upright


Savannah HT

 Orange pink; flowers salmon pink , very full, cupped to rosette, strong fragrance; recurrent ; foliage dark green, disease resistant; growth compact


Sunny Sky™ HT

A very hardy, large-flowered yellow hybrid tea with exceptional disease resistance. The shrub has dark green, thick healthy foliage. This lightly fragrant rose has been decorated with awards in international rose competitions.


Wedding Bells™ HT

This two-tone pink hybrid tea rose has very large, long lasting, fragrant blooms ideal for cutting. The rose bush has abundant shiny green foliage. Performs well in rainy climates.



Winter Sun HT

 flowers pale yellow fading to white , double , high-centered , borne singly and in candelabras , moderate fragrance; recurrent, blooms late into winter; foliage glossy, disease-resistant ; growth vigorous, neat, medium growth




Desmond Tutu F

Medium red; bud long, pointed ovoid; flowers sparkling red, 4 in. , 42-48 petals, cupped, borne mostly singly , slight fragrance; recurrent; foliage dark green, semi-glossy; prickles numerous, 8 mm, concave ; loosely branched, neat proportions, medium growth 


Earth Angel F

Light pink; flowers cream and pink, very dbl., cupped, borne in clusters , moderate fragrance; recurrent; foliage dense, dark green, slightly glossy ; growth bushy, upright (3 ft.)



First Crush F

Light pink; flowers light, creamy pink, full, cupped, borne in clusters, intense, fruity fragrance; recurrent; foliage dense, medium, dark green, slightly glossy; growth upright (3 ft.)


Plum Perfect F

Mauve; flowers deep mauve, large, very dbl., globular to cupped , borne in dense clusters, slight fragrance; recurrent ; growth similar to Iceberg



Poseidon (Novalis) F

 flowers lavender , very full , cupped, borne in clusters; recurrent; foliage disease-resistant; growth vigorous, upright


Summer Romance F

Medium pink; flowers 3-4 in., very full , cupped, borne in clusters, strong, fresh apple, fruit, anise, spice fragrance; recurrent; foliage medium, dark green, semi-glossy, dense ; growth erect, bushy, vigorous

Summer Sun™ F

Vigorous and bushy, this floribunda features high-centered, bi-colored buds which open to large, fragrant, semi-doubled cups in salmon with a cream yellow reverse. Excellent disease resistance and abundance of flowers. ADR winner 2008.






Florentina LCl

Medium red; flowers 9 cm., full , cupped, borne in clusters, no fragrance; recurrent, floriferous; growth robust, low (7 ft.) 





Honeymoon LCl

White; flowers cream, double , cupped, borne in clusters, slight fragrance; recurrent; growth moderate size (7 ft.)



Orange Flare LCl

Orange red; flowers bright red-orange, 2.75 in., semi-dbl to double, borne in clusters, no fragrance; recurrent; growth vigorous (5 - 7 ft.)





Polar Express S

White; flowers white, cream tones in center, 2 in, 35-40 petals, cupped, borne in clusters of 4 - 8, slight fragrance; recurrent; foliage dark green, semi-glossy; prickles moderate, 10 mm, concave; growth upright, bushy (3.5 ft)




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