Eddie Edwards Roses

Eddie Edwards has been a driving force in the production of top exhibition form Hybrid Teas for many years. With the introduction of Cajun Sunrise, Mavrik, and Pop Warner in 2000, he set the standard and a style for exhibition Hybrid Teas that exhibitors seek today. By crossing the top varieties of the day he developed new varieties with better substance and bolder color than what had come before.

We are proud to have the largest selection of Eddie's roses with still more to come. We are privileged to grow off his seedlings and introduce those that he feels will become outstanding exhibition roses. Check back to see the new introductions.

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Artic Circle
white (PB)





Big Red

Blake Headrick, medium red



Cajun Sunrise
cream blend





Dayna Sawyer
pink blend



Deidre Hall
yellow blend

Denali white


red blend



Great Rosarians of the World apricot

Here's Gert


Here’s Sam





Hey Paula
yellow blend


Jewel Grace
yellow blend

Johnny Becnel
orange blend




Marilyn Wellan
  med. Red

Mavrik, pink blend




 pink blend




Pop Warner
pink blend




The Wright Brothers
pink blend



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